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About the program....


 The overriding goal of the Tanakh Scholar program is to fill a gaping void in the quality of Tanakh instruction in the day schools. Ask any principal in those schools what they consider to be their top five challenges, and somewhere on that list will be: “finding excellent Tanakh teachers.” A well-trained teacher, who can make the ancient texts of Tanakh relevant and meaningful to our children, is a rare commodity. To meet this challenge, the Saul and Sally Ashkenazi Sephardic Rabbinical College and the Allegra Franco School of Educational Leadership, in conjunction with www.TanachStudy.com, have partnered with the world-renowned Herzog College of Israel to establish the TANAKH SCHOLAR Certificate Program. This trailblazing program, which is designed for teachers in schools as well as for trainees, will span two years. Participants will have the opportunity to learn directly from legendary leaders and distinguished teachers in the field of Tanakh instruction. They will learn how to integrate cutting-edge pedagogical methods, technology, modern archeological research, and Tanakh study into their classrooms. Becoming part of the cohort will provide teachers, many of whom may be working in small schools as the only content area specialist in Tanakh, with a Community of Practice with whom to share reflections, challenges and achievements. 

The program consists of a variety of modalities...


  •  On-line courses 
  • Self-study courses (a/k/a asynchronous or beqiut)
  • Intensive seminars.  
  • Tanakh tours.  
  • Yemei Iyun BeTanakh.
  • Pedagogical training 

Schools represented....



  • Barkai Yeshivah
  • Hillel Yeshivah High School
  • Magen David Yeshivah High School
  • Manhattan Day School
  • SRC
  • Yeshivah of Flatbush High School
  • Yeshivat Noam

TANACH STUDY - Anytime, anywhere!

We salute our faculty and students who completed Neviim and Ketubim with www.tanachstudy.com.  Join them today and complete all 5 Humashim in one year!  For highlights of the celebration, click here.


Our mission is to insure the highest quality education in our community, while maintaining our Sephardic heritage, by inspiring and training women to become Judaic Studies teachers for our community Yeshivoth and by offering an intensive Continuing Education program for those striving for excellence in Judaic Studies



  1. Prospective applicants must submit a completed application form, along with the application fee and a passport-sized photograph (a photocopy of your drivers’ license photo is acceptable).Click here​ ​ for a downloadable application. 
  2. Upon receipt of your application, an interview will be scheduled with the Director of Education. 
  3. Students applying for the teacher track must submit the names and contact information of three references, who can attest to the candidate’s suitability and potential as a teacher. 
  4. No application will be considered complete without the submission of high school transcripts. 
  5. Students requesting exemption from course requirements based on Advanced Placement examinations (including the Yerushalmi) must submit official documentation of these exam results.
  6. Upon acceptance, students will be notified as to the dates for registration for the upcoming term.

Who was Allegra Franco?



Allegra Franco a"h, the daughter of Moshe Ashaer, esteemed cantor and author of our pizmonim in the 1920's and 1930's was a humble person and educated in both Judaic and general studies.  She instilled in her children the importance of obtaining an excellent Torah and secular education consistent with her beloved Sephardic culture, part of which was conveyed through her emphasis on the power of prayer and by attending synagogue every Shabbat.  She was unique in her dedication to the perpetuation of the religion and traditions of her ancestors. 

We are proud to have the Allegra Franco School of Educational Leadership founded by her grandchildren and named in her memory. May the many women who pass through the doors of the Allegra Franco program emulate her through their growth in Torah learning and commitment to our heritage.​

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