AFSEL is the only Judaic Studies teacher training program to have a SMARTBoard training program built into its curriculum.  Thanks to the generosity of Margie and Sammy Saka, who generously sponsored the installation in memory of Morris I. Franco, a"h, training modules focusing on how to use the SMARTBoard and how to integrate it into the Judaic Studies classroom, are offered throughout the year.

When Mrs. Gitta Neufeld, director, brought the idea to the Allegra Franco Board, it was immediately embraced. The leaders of Allegra are committed to ensuring that the women who graduate the program are trained in the most cutting-edge teaching techniques, combining extensive study of traditional texts with advanced pedagogical methodology. The SMARTBoard, which is now prevalent in most of our community schools, enables teachers to utilize modern technology in order to become more creative and productive teachers, while maximizing and holding the attention of today’s technology-savvy students.

Mr. and Mrs. Saka knew that this concept would be something that Morris Franco would have loved. As Chairman of the Board of Hillel Yeshiva for several decades, he always believed in the highest quality education for all students. Now, as dozens of teachers will train on the SMARTBoard dedicated in his name, his dreams for the future of our community will continue to be perpetuated for many years to come.​