Hebrew Language

  •  IV 1.1- Introduction to the Rules of Hebrew Grammar The aim of this course is to instruct students in how to approach diqduq (Hebrew grammar) in a logical and practical manner. By understanding the foundations of the Hebrew language, students will be able to speak more fluently and enunciate according to the Sephardic tradition.
  • IV 2.1- Advanced Hebrew Grammar and Reading (Prerequisite: IV 1.1)The aim of this course is to attain fluency in Hebrew grammar and reading. After studying advanced diqduq, students will learn to apply the rules while reading Tanakh. In addition, students will be presented with a systematic approach of teaching the Hebrew language in our yeshivoth in a traditional yet innovative manner.
  • IV 3.1-  Hebrew in the Classroom​  A class dedicated to enhancing students' oral fluency, use of "classroom language," and word retrieval and retention.