Halakha (Jewish Law)


  • JL 1.1 Introduction to the Laws of Prayer
  • JL 1.2 Laws of the Jewish Holidays
  • JL 2.1 Topics in Shabbat
  • JL 2.2 39 Melakhoth
  • JL 3.1 Education and Jewish Law
  • JL 6.1 Special Topics in Halakha 

All Jewish Law classes are taught in the following manner: Each topic will be studied through Written and Oral Torah sources, as well as the opinions of the Rishonim and Aharonim. Students will learn to explore the chain of Jewish Law as practiced today, yet understood through centuries of responsa. Emphasis will be placed on the halakhic rulings of the Rishon Lezion Hacham Obadia Yosef.​