What is the general structure of the program?

 The first year, students take a variety of text-based classes (Tanakh, Halakha, Jewish Philosophy), as well as the first year of our innovative Diqduq course. In the second year, these studies continue. At the same time, students begin the teacher training portion of the program, taking classes in basic teaching methodology and participating in structured observations of classes in community yeshivot. In the third year, in addition to any classes they are taking, students are assigned a mentor teacher. They spend regularly-scheduled time in that veteran teacher’s classroom, observing her and teaching the class under her supervision. 

What are the requirements for admission?

 Applicants must have a strong academic record. Hebrew studies are strongly emphasized, as are your references. 

How do I manage to attend college and Allegra Franco at the same time?

 Most of ourstudents attend Brooklyn College while attending the Allegra Franco program. Nearly all of our classes are offered once a week, allowing students the flexibility to “fill in” gaps in their college schedules. Having attended dual-track yeshivot for at least 12 years, most students find this easy. 

Can I earn college credit for any Allegra Franco courses?

 Several of our classes have been approved by Brooklyn College as “off campus” courses. What this means is that you take the classes at Allegra Franco, but register for them through Brooklyn College and receive three credits towards your college degree for each course. Currently, we offer Tanakh, Jewish History and Child Psychology (with our instructors) for Brooklyn College credit. Touro and Hunter Colleges offer transfer credit for many of our courses. 

Do I have to be a genius? Do I have any free time?

   No, but you do need to be organized and focused. The program is designed to support you in the task ahead by providing individualized attention, small classes, and one-on-one guidance. Our students have found time to work, get engaged, marry and begin building their families. Close attention is paid to specific circumstances. 

Why should I choose this program over others?

 If you are a serious student, enjoy Torah studies, and want a future in Jewish education, then this program is for you. Our teachers are role models for young women of the community. Your fellow students are committed to the future of our heritage and traditions. The teacher training program is unique for the extensive experience that it provides. Small classes allow students to form close relationships with instructors and other students. One-on-one guidance is also provided to all students in the teacher training track.​