Course Descriptions


Coursework at AFSEL is designed to build both knowledge and skills. During the first year of the program, students are involved in text-based learning. They are guided through segments of Tanakh​, and taught to explore the various commentaries in order to better understand the moral lessons revealed through our Torah. Courses are also offered in Jewish History, Jewish PhilosophyHalakha and Hebrew Language. Students are taught to develop the analytical skills necessary to learn, as well as the fundamental methodological skills necessary to teach, Hebrew subjects effectively.Students who are interested in a career of teaching continue their training as observers in a classroom setting and attend courses focusing on Methodology and Child Psychology. They learn, first-hand, a variety of teaching styles, effective approaches to classroom management, theories in behavioral and developmental psychology, and other topics that are geared towards providing them with the means of becoming model Morot in our community.Students in the teacher training track are also required to complete Red Cross certification in CPR and First Aid, as well as the New York State workshop in recognizing and preventing child abuse. They must also demonstrate proficiency in SMARTBoard ​use.