About Us

  • Opened October 2003 
  • Inaugural graduating class in 2006 
  • Multi-year program conforming to BJE accreditation requirements 
  • Unique non-matriculated part time program for serious college level Judaic study 
  • Year-round women's learning program, with day and evening classes, in Brooklyn and Deal (funded by the Sephardic Community Alliance) 
  • Affiliated with area colleges; numerous courses offered for college credit 
  • Advanced Judaic studies program designed to build knowledge and skills 
  • Strong focus on Hebrew language skills and techniques for teaching in Hebrew 
  • Intensive teacher training and mentoring program 
  • Fast track for women returning to the workforce 
  • Direct affiliation with core community schools (Magen David Yeshivah, Yeshivah of Flatbush, Hillel Yeshiva, Barkai Yeshivah) 
  • Mentoring of new teachers in community schools 
  • Job placement in community schools 
  • SMARTBoard training with emphasis on application in the Judaic classroom

Executive Board

 Founder: Ezra S. Ashkenazi

Chairman: Jeffrey A. Cohen

President: Carol Tawil

Vice President: Rose Betesh

Director of Education: Gitta J. Neufeld

Dean: Rabbi Shimon H. Alouf

 Administrator/Recruitment Director: Jo Dwek 

 Charles Anteby

Leah Harari

Paul Kopyt

Carly Mavorah

Sabrina Maleh

Camille Saka

Aura Sutton

Jolene Sutton

Rochelle Tawil

Rozie Torgueman